Entry #3

I am not dead

2011-04-17 17:30:15 by EkD

Hello again,

I know I've been disappeared for 3 years.
Since 2008 / 2009 I were unable to continue doing my projects or being active for some personal stuff reasons.

I am still NOT active so this isn't another "back or leaving post".
Currently, I work in the mornings as a Flash videogame developer, and study Web development and DBA in the afternoons, so I have no time left to continue any project yet.

Probably in summer I can continue doing my delayed/re-delayed/re-re-delayed projects, and of course, Pokémon Glitch 2 takes all the priority to be finished this year.

Also I'm learning ActionScript 3.0 at work.
For me, it's harder than 2.0 but lol I like it and I will (why not?) convert any of my old 2.0 projects into 3.0 to practice.

Another reason of my vanish, my main PC's motherboard is broken, my HDD is SATA and the PC I'm using right now only supports IDE HDD's, so I can't continue anything, just learning random thingies.

Oh, before I forget, I've opened a Twitter and Facebook account, you can contact me faster right here: EkD's Twitter, thanks.

I'll be active again soon and post further info about my current status.

Sorry for the looong[cat] wait.

See you next time~

I am not dead


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2011-06-15 19:40:25


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EkD responds:

yea I failed blowing it xD


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